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  • Pro 2 Go: Get personalized feedback from Coach Randal May.
  • Be a Pro: Learn tennis techniques at any skill level.
  • 5 Star Plan: Become a well-rounded athlete.

01    Pro 2 Go

Pro 2 Go

Get personalized feedback on your strokes and receive practical tips online directly from Randal May.

    02    Be a Pro

    Be a Pro

    Unlock your tennis potential with our comprehensive collection of high-quality instructional videos. Watch a free trailer now!

      03    5 Star Plan

      5 Star Plan

      Our online 5 Star Plan helps you unlock your tennis potential by focusing on the following aspects:
      • Stroke analysis
      • Fitness & Speed improvement
      • Mental attitude
      • Match experience & preparation
      • Nutrition

        04    The Man Behind It

        The Tennis Academy May Director

        Randal May

        Randal May

        Tennis Academy May Director

        Randal May has over 30 years of on court teaching experience. His Tennis Academy in Vienna Austria with 15 Instructors teach all ages and abilities. He teaches using a very effective method which accelerates the learning process and which is fun in addition. His Tennis Academy motto is “Do it right the first time” which to him means that his students learn right from the beginning so that they stay with tennis for years to come. For the learning process with tennis is a step by step journey.

        05    FAQs


        Questions that may come up frequently can be found below:

        How can I send a video of my stroke the Pro2Go?

        Simply upload your video directly to the web-site and Randal May will examine it and develop a plan of action how he can assist you with your problem.

        What level of play does one need to be for the Pro2Go?

        All levels from beginner to advanced can benefit from the online instruction of the Pro2Go.

        What is the advantage of learning to Be a Pro online?
        The online course can be learned when you have time step by step and can be reviewed as many times as needed before you teach someone. This is a great way to learn for you can see what you will be doing in advance.
        Can I work as an Instructor after the Be a Pro course?
        After completing the Be a Pro you will have the know-how to teach all ages and abilities. This will be certified if you send Randal May a video of how you teach students on court.
        How do I get started with the online 5 Star Plan?
        1. Upload videos of your strokes
        2. Take the fitness test and send your results in. The fitness test is shown through a video and there is a questionnaire to fill out.
        3. Fill out the questionnaires regarding your online mental attitude, match experience & preparation and what your diet is.

        The videos of your strokes will be analyzed and you will receive feedback on what you need to correct through a video from Randal May.

        All of the questionnaire’s will be read through and a suitable/realistic plan will be put together which will help you improve in all areas of your game.

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